Art has been my instrument to return to my roots. To wounds, joys, childhood, war and all that has created duality in me. In these years I have been preoccupied with realities and experiences of past and present, I go back and forth. The images in this exhibition are the result of my deliberations and reminders or my encounters with the events that shape my life, next to my day dreams.

Art for me is articulation of my lived experience that is often entwined with events in my country and the region that I live in. The joys and sorrows that involves a generation, and living in a region with different ethnic groups with diverse languages and cultures, sharing a common inheritance which is woven with threads of fear and pain.

The woven works are the result of anxious moments. Dates that came in to my life after the death of my cousin in the city of Mosel. Date is a fruit that grows in both of my lands: that of my birth place and the one that I live in.

My joy and laughter after each city is liberated, my fears and screams when another city falls to ruins; all of it flows in me simultaneously. This is part of the life of thousands, millions of people living in Middle East: always anxious, always expecting: that rain that is supposed to fall on fire, when will it rain down on our torched easterly land.

1976 Born in Baghdad-Iraq to a family of Iranian origin.


2008:BA Painting of Art university of Tehran

Teaching painting to children between 2001-2010

Teaching painting to Children of Labour at Charity: House of Kindness, Ghar Gate, Tehran, between 2008-2016 and orgnaizing their exhibitions as a volunteer between 2008-2016


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Solo exhibition Titled Roots, Aaran Gallery Tehran Iran

2014 Solo Exhibition- titled Daily journal-Aaran plus Gallery-Iran

2009 Solo Exhibition-Naregatsi Gallery-Yerevan-Armania

2005 Sermeh Gallery-Tehran-Iran

Group Exhibitions

2020 Sixth small painting, Aria gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 Group exhibition SMALL SCULPTURE (Iranian Sculptors Association) – Shirin gallery - Tehran-Iran

2016 Exhibition of young Iranian artists and students of ARKANSAS University of Art-Suger Gallery-Arkansas

2016 Exhibition of Young Iranian artists and students of ARKANSAS University of Art-Negar Gallery.Iran

2016 Group Exhibition-SUSPENDED-AARAN PROJECTS-Tehran

2014 Group Exhibition of Association of Iranian Painters-Artist,s House

2014 1st painting Symposium-QASR MUSEUM-GARDEN (QASR PRISON)-Iran

2013 Group exhibition “Shimage”-Homa Gallery

2012 Painting expo (Association Iranian painters)-Saba Gallery-Iran

2012: KHANE TEKANI  project -Eest Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2012 Small paintings- Aria Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2012 Recording Kisses-Organized by Bavand Behpoor-A drawing exhibition

2011AINTING EXPO (Association of Iranian Painters Exhibition)-Barg Gallery-Iran

2010 Association of Iranian Painters Exhibition-Artist's House-Tehran-Iran

2009 Mural painting of SOBHAN High School (glaze on tile)- Tehran-Iran

2008 Great Expo-Tehran-Iran

2007 Group Exhibition for the benefit of PSYCHICS-Ebne Sina Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2007 Group Exhibition-Laleh Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2006 Group Exhibition-Dey Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2006 First Exhibition of NASLE NOU-Homa Art Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2005 First Biennale of Drawing-Karaj-Iran

2004 Group Exhibition-Masters and Students of Art University- Barg Gallery Tehran-Iran

2004 Group Exhibition Ghanoon Gallery-Tehran-Iran                                                  

2001 Group Exhibition Javan Gallery-Tehran-Iran

2001 Group Exhibition Honar Gallery-Tehran-Iran


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2 products