The painting was the answer to my need for breaking away from daily routine and tracking down to an opening, which I could watch, understand and define a new meaning for the life that earlier was boring, repeatedly and even scary. Now the people around me and their complicated behaviors as well as my various life experiences are the main subjects of my paintings, which through them I get the opportunity to observe my mind.

My art is about daily life. I live in Tehran in Iran. The relation between people is very complicated. I paint my experience about life without safety. Most of things in my painting are broken or cut. Sometimes I omit part of body. Although everything are broken but they are alive. And they live in their lonely. I’ m sure that I’ m a figurative painter .and I do my best to show the people in difficult situation. Some of people in my painting are like my family and even me. I narrate people who are in trouble. I paint them with line and surface colour. Sometimes the people in my painting changes to things and animals because of terms in social they couldn’t be able a perfect person. But I try to close to essence of human that live in my situation. When I was younger I painted people. But there was a big difference between my painting that time and this time. On that time I didn’t have enough experience about life and humanity. So the people in my painting were completely like a human. But their eyes try to get truth. This time I know something people who are alone are not happy.

Mohsen hoseinmardi


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6 products