Jungles and plains apart from social contracts, were hospitalized for various events, a place to rest, sheltered, getting away, fighting and ... . Human with his differentiation mentality of surrounding environment, far from the position and values of inductive environments, is part of life and its flow. The idea of human presence among the extent of nature, with considering that none of the components and elements are not separable, and each of them has its own natural trends, were formed in me.

Homa Hosseinian born 1991, Tehran, Iran lives and works in Tehran, Iran.


2018 M.A in painting, Sure Art University, Tehran, Iran
2014 B.A in painting, Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University Center Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


2020 «Fertile papar», Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Seyhoun Gallery Drawing event, Tehran, Iran
2018 Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 «Narrative painter», Shirin art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 Aliha Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2016 «Preception»و Aliha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Not Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 «Narrative painter», Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 ARC Gallery, An Exhibition on Drawing, Tehran, Iran

2015 Panjere Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Aria Gallery small size works, Tehran, Iran
2014 Mahak, Tehran, Iran


2015 Award winner for «Drawing» in the 22nd National Festival of visual arts for Young Artists
2015 «National univercity Student`s Festival of Visual Arts» And Selected for top works, Tehran, Iran
2015 « Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts», Tehran, Iran 2014 «Tehran Painting Week», Saba Cultural and Artistic Institute (Academy of Arts) Tehran, Iran.


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2 products