Fatemeh bahman Siyahmard born in Tehran-Iran in 1981.

She has studied mathematics and later received her degree in Literature and Graphic arts from Ministry of culture in 2000.

In 2005, she became a member of the "Abi bikaran Honar" art group, and participated in numerous group exhibitions. She also received first prize in Tehran International Fair in 2006 for her painting.

In 2014, she was accepted as a member of "The Institute for Promotion of visual arts". 2014, was also the year she began her art critical writing. In collaboration with publications such as "Pajouhesh honar (journal of educational research and analysis)- Tandis (visual art magazine and website), Honar agah (contemporary art magazine) Honar online (Iran's art news agency) and Iranian visual art critics association's website".

2016 she became a member of Association of visual art writers and critics

In 2014, her videos were shown at the 12th and 13th Tassvir film festival in Iran. As well as at the Professional center for video artists in Milan, Italy in 2014, 2016 and at video art group exhibition (Eco Avant Garde ) at the Kunsthalle Museum of Hungary in 2016.


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4 products