Designer Toys, also called art toys, are toys and collectibles created by artists and designers that are either self-produced or made by small, independent toy companies,typically in very limited editions. Artists use a variety of materials, such as ABS plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, latex, plush, and resin. Creators often have backgrounds in graphic design, illustration, or fine art, but many accomplished toy artists are self-taught. The first Designer Toys appeared in the 1990s in Hong Kong and Japan.By the early 2000s, the majority of Designer Toys were based upon characters created by popular Lowbrow artists, forever linking the two movements.

In the past few years the Art toy market has also expanded into the Middle East.

Co founded by Ali Qatre "Arttoy Tehran" has started a new wave in the Tehran art scene where he gathered many Iranian talented sculptors and artists to design Art toys at his studio. Many of them have collaborated in team works to curate the various designer limited edition collections.

This movement has lead to many other artists across the country to start designing their own Art toys!  


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5 products