Inside Shirin Mellatgohar's Studio with Artcoot



“I use a lot of my own experience of living in my art for example working with child labour had a lot of influence on me. I work with many labour children and their lives had a huge effect on me. Also My own experience as an immigrant during the war as a child. Another thing is when I see my surroundings specially objects that I see around me I take an image of them in my mind as an idea. For example the legs of a toy from where I used to work at once amongst kids and I used them in previous paintings and you see these legs there which I turned them into a totally different being and got combined with other things. I even use the forms in my sculptures in my paintings too. In my opinion Art is an explanation of your own life experience” , Shirin says whilst playing with her toy legs.

We now have her incredible collection of artworks here on Artcoot.