Watch it here! Fatemeh Bahman:The Way We Are


The Way We Are

Completion of A Trilogy


In this particular time of scarcities and avalanche of events and at a time of numerous domestic and foreign struggles; sanctions, inflation, recession, environmental issues and lastly Covid 19, finally this series of works has come to its end. In each corner of it, the contradictions of our daily life can be seen. Ultimately in a game of hide and seek next to challenges of production and implementation, and despite all difficulties, it was done.

There are still those invisible threads that sustain the state of suspension and more than before they picture the stress and apprehensions of the moment right before the incident happens. As if we are at the last minute. The minute where everything from beginning to end passes through our mind. Frozen and silent. As if we are waiting for a meteorite to pass, or for all the icebergs to melt, so that finally the threads are released and we are in a state of suspension, arriving at the point of occurrence. Now the series 19+1 is standing on its point of inception and completion, its birth and death.